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What are you paying?

The price of a stone varies according to many parameters: Rarity, quality,  origin, size, demand.   We strive to offer you the fairest price  while sustaining  relationships with the best suppliers. Indeed, we favor a human dimension in our negotiations and give a chance to small mining operations and young lapidaries.  

Operation of the mine: 

A lot of  WHITE RIVER GEMS suppliers are artisanal miners. They buy a concession from the state or from an owner and invest  in mining and mining equipment. Mines must meet safety standards according to the country's legislation. We like to meet  those people who work hard to find stones that are often unique in the world because of their nature and their beauty. We believe that these people deserve an income commensurate with their efforts.

The art of lapidary: 

At WHITE RIVER GEMS, we are very sensitive to the talent of the lapidaries with whom we work. The quality of a cut will give a certain added value to your stone independently  of its nature and origin. Although today the main cutting and trading centers are in India (Jaipur) and Thailand (Bangkok), we prefer to  bringing together American, English, German and, of course,  french  for which the working conditions and quality criteria  meet the requirements of WHITE RIVER GEMS.  

Reasonable and controlled operating costs  :

Go to discover exceptional stones  in the field, get closer to the best players in the market and allow you to discover them at a cost. WHITE RIVER GEMS nevertheless strives to meet market requirements by limiting its operating costs as much as possible and offering you its stones at the fairest price.

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