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Do you know what is Maw-Sit-Sit stone?

Maw Sit Sit is a rare vibrant green semi precious gemstone material.

Vibrant and bright green Maw Sit Sit designer cabochons can have black spots, or dark-green to black veining and sometimes they have white spots.

Maw-sit-sit has a hardness of 6 and like Jade, it is extremely tough and makes very durable designer cabochons.

This stone is often found near jadeite. Maw-sit-sit is found in the famous jade mining region of Tawmaw in the Himalayan foothills of northwestern Myanmar (formally Burma). It was first identified by the late Dr. Eduard Gubelin in 1963 and named after the village close by.

Maw-sit-sit is composed of kosmochlor, clinochlore, chromian jadeite, and albite, with small amounts of eckermannite, chromite and other minerals. Chromium-rich jadeite and clinochlore are the main source of Maw Sit Sit’s bright green color.

This lapidary material is rare and extremely hard to get!

Metaphysical Properties Of Maw Sit Sit:

Maw Sit Sit is said to help one find joy in life. Wear or carry one when you are outdoors, hiking, working, or just relaxing. Maw Sit Sit is believed to be energizing, to help one feel alive, and to ward off melancholy and depression.

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