Découverte récemment, cette roche à serpentine chatoyante est un pur produit du rockhounding américain. Il faut 2h30 en quad pour atteindre l'occurence en plein désert de l'Arizona.  Exclusivité WRG.


Fiche d'identité :

"Arizona pietersite"

Roche à serpentine

Origine : Arizona, USA

86,21 carats environ

61 x 34 mm 



English :

This cabochon material is not the same as the original Pietersite found in Africa, or the different material also known as Pietersite found in China.

This gemstone material is actually Serpentine.  When polished it has a chatoyant flash of internal light and that chatoyancy comes in several varieties-from gold to root beer to silver colored.  The Serpentine ranges from green to brown.

Serpentine is produced when water from magmas changed igneous rocks.

Arizona Pietersite is found in a very remote and rugged area in the Arizona desert and is difficult to cut into cabochons. We custom cut only the best rough rock material with lots of flash into designer cabochons.

Arizona Pietersite (riche à serpentine) - 86,21 carats - Arizona, USA

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