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Les agates Carey ont de magnifiques plumes jaune à rouge en passant par le brun. On les trouve dans le ranch Carey en Oregon.



Fiche d'identité :

Agate var. Carey Plume

Silice microcristallisée

Taillée en Californie par un lapidaire indépendant

Oregon, USA

18.01 carats

27 x 13 mm



English :

What is Polka Dot Agate?

Polka dot agate is an orbicular agate produced from the Priday Agate Beds of central Oregon. It has an appearance that sounds just like its name. It is a semitransparent to semitranslucent agate with suspended round "dots" of contrasting colors. It is a favorite Oregon gemstone.

Polka dot's base colors range from blue to white to pale yellow. The dots can be almost any combination of yellow, orange, red, brown, or black. Nature has also marked some specimens with black dendrites. Other specimens are cross-cut by intrusions of brown jasper. The diaphaneity ranges from almost transparent to almost opaque. This color and geometry makes some of the most interesting and beautiful types of agate that you will ever see.

The dots in the agate range in size from nearly invisible up to about 1/4 inch across. Most of them are completely agatized, but some appear to be a soft iron oxide material similar to limonite or hematite. Most of the dots are sharp, concentric spheres. Others are spherical but with a slightly irregular outline.


The first people to mine polka dot agate were Native Americans. They valued the agate because it could be knapped into sharp tools such as scrapers, blades, and projectile points. They carried, worked, used, and traded these materials across what is now the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada.

Today, West Coast Mining company operates the polka dot agate mine, located near the community of Madras in Jefferson County, Oregon. They produce rough, slabs, cabs, and other items made from polka dot agate. They also own mines that produce Opal Butte opal, Owyhee picture jasper, Paiute agate, amethyst sage agate, and Rock Butte picture jasper.

Some of these mines are open to the public for fee mining. On a limited schedule, they are open to people who want to visit the mine, pay a fee, look for agate, and keep what they find. The company also sells agate, jasper, and opal directly to the public and online.

Agate var. Carey Plume - 18.01 carats - Oregon, USA

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