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Located in Alsace (FRANCE), White River Gems is a new gem trading company founded in 2018 by Emmanuel THOREUX, gemologist graduated from the University of Nantes and the Institut National de Gemmologie.


Our mission ? Offer beautiful rare and unusual gems coming mainly from Mexico, the USA and Canada. For this, we travel several times a year to North America as close as possible to the sources of production, notably to Tucson (Arizona) and Denver (Colorado).


You are jewelers, jewelers, creators, gemologists, collectors, investors or simply curious about gems:

discover our stones by visiting us during  major European gems and minerals fairs  we participate or,

consult and buy our stones safely and directly online (Paypal or stripe).

We speak english and ship internationally. Remaining at your disposal.


Gemmologically yours,


Emmanuel Thoreux



We guarantee attentive, serious and efficient service. We offer you the expertise of a gemologist graduated from the Institut National de Gemmologie and the University of Nantes as well as 15 years of experience in buying gems for the biggest brands of international jewelry.


There are people and good stories, behind each stone we sell.  We are committed to integrating  our business into  a fair and ethic trade. We love to meet miners and lapidaries who work with passion. Today our role is to make  you discover their  character stones.


Life of a gemstone dealer is composed by many travels and meeting people. We share our adventures and discoveries on our blog. Share our passion for gemstones,join us on our guest list and follow us on social networks as Facebook and Instagram.

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For security reasons, none of our stones are stored in our head office. WRG does not store diamonds or gold.